Start your Own Agency Business - TODAY!

Setting up your own Nanny Recruitment Agency can be a rewarding venture which can be operated at home around the  family with the hours you chooseMany people these days are looking for a business opportunity that can be run from home, around the family, with the hours they wish and with the lifestyle of their choosing!


The setting up and running of a Nanny Recruitment Agency or a Babysitting Service is ideal for such a venture. Whilst setting up on your own can be a daunting prospect, very time consuming and involve a lot of effort you may think a franchise is the answer but becoming a franchisee involves targets, legal restrictions, commission payments and often a large initial investment. we can provide an alternative - a start-up package offering the peace of mind of an established proven method, along with the stability of a "ready- made" product saving you the time and effort and much more cost effective than a Franchise.

PLUS once you have bought the method and, after training, you REALLY are your own boss - we will not ask for any further commission payments or annual fees or targets to be maintained (though you may want to set your own!) BUT we do call and support you - we will e-mail to see if YOU want our help not to check up on how much you are earning for us to take in commission fees but for YOUR benefit!

The start-up package includes all paperwork and initial training you can then choose how and when to advertise and can opt in or out of certain aspects of the business.

For more information about what we offer to get you started running your own business and how much it will cost visit the Start Up Packages page.

The Costs:

The cost for the "method", Electronic manual, hard copy manual, 1 day interview training and 1 months on-call phone advise (we are happy to provide e-mail advise ad infinitum!) is just 3000!

Judy and I run the business as part-time - I have 3 children and tend to work a 20 - 30 hour week - I do my own "School Runs" and generally work 9am - 3pm during the Term-time with shorter hours during holiday Periods

However, it is YOUR Business - you may prefer to 2/3 days a week and have 2/3 days off, work mornings only, work Full-time and earn more money - however you choose! If you stick with a consistent approach you will find that your Nannies and Clients will soon learn the best times to call and as long as you have an answer phone you can always call back!